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Life Coaching  

A way of providing people with personal support that is committed to their success and development.  

A life coach can make a difference in your life by supporting and encouraging your personal and professional growth. A coach will work with you to enhance your quality of life and show ways in which you can achieve your goals.


Life coaching is not about being a therapist or counsellor, it is not about looking back into past experiences or emotional issues.   Equally it is not a short term measure to cope with crises. A coach helps you identify where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there, and then keep you on track until you get there whilst maintaining realistic goals.


A life coach will not impose their ideas on you, nor do they tell you what to do or how to do. The coaching role is to help people find their own way and keep them moving along that way, whether or not it is the way somebody else would have chosen.